BusyBox: The developer’s ‘Swiss Army Knife for Embedded Linux’


About BusyBox

docker run -it --rm busyboxNote: It will open shell where you can run commands 
sudo apt install busybox -y
kubectl run -n default -i --tty busybox --image=busybox:latest -- /bin/sh
[, [[, acpid, adjtimex, ar, arch, arp, arping, ash, awk, basename, bc, blkdiscard, blockdev, brctl, bunzip2, bzcat, bzip2, cal, cat, chgrp, chmod, chown, chpasswd,
chroot, chvt, clear, cmp, cp, cpio, cttyhack, cut, date, dc, dd, deallocvt, depmod, devmem, df, diff, dirname, dmesg, dnsdomainname, dos2unix, du, dumpkmap,
dumpleases, echo, egrep, env, expand, expr, factor, fallocate, false, fatattr, fgrep, find, fold, free, freeramdisk, fsfreeze, fstrim, ftpget, ftpput, getopt, getty,
grep, groups, gunzip, gzip, halt, head, hexdump, hostid, hostname, httpd, hwclock, i2cdetect, i2cdump, i2cget, i2cset, id, ifconfig, ifdown, ifup, init, insmod,
ionice, ip, ipcalc, ipneigh, kill, killall, klogd, last, less, link, linux32, linux64, linuxrc, ln, loadfont, loadkmap, logger, login, logname, logread, losetup, ls,
lsmod, lsscsi, lzcat, lzma, lzop, md5sum, mdev, microcom, mkdir, mkdosfs, mke2fs, mkfifo, mknod, mkpasswd, mkswap, mktemp, modinfo, modprobe, more, mount, mt, mv,
nameif, nc, netstat, nl, nologin, nproc, nsenter, nslookup, nuke, od, openvt, partprobe, paste, patch, pidof, ping, ping6, pivot_root, poweroff, printf, ps, pwd,
rdate, readlink, realpath, reboot, renice, reset, resume, rev, rm, rmdir, rmmod, route, rpm, rpm2cpio, run-init, run-parts, sed, seq, setkeycodes, setpriv, setsid, sh,
sha1sum, sha256sum, sha512sum, shred, shuf, sleep, sort, ssl_client, start-stop-daemon, stat, strings, stty, svc, svok, swapoff, swapon, switch_root, sync, sysctl,
syslogd, tac, tail, tar, taskset, tee, telnet, test, tftp, time, timeout, top, touch, tr, traceroute, traceroute6, true, truncate, tty, ubirename, udhcpc, udhcpd,
uevent, umount, uname, uncompress, unexpand, uniq, unix2dos, unlink, unlzma, unshare, unxz, unzip, uptime, usleep, uudecode, uuencode, vconfig, vi, w, watch, watchdog,
wc, wget, which, who, whoami, xargs, xxd, xz, xzcat, yes, zcat

Use Case

sudo apt install busybox -yThen run below command:busybox sh
set path=%path%;<absolute path of directory where busybox.exe placed>Let's placed busybox.exe in c:\busybox then, open cmd and run below line:set path=%path%;c:\busybox
Then run below command:
c:/> busybox sh
docker pull busybox:latestdocker run -it --rm busybox 
kubectl run -n default -i --tty busybox --image=busybox:latest -- /bin/sh





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Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar holds Master of Computer Application, working as Technical Architect having 11+ years of working experience in banking, retail, education domains.